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Our success is based on your success; we will take your company wherever you want it to go. UrbanXtremes is your building block to wining greater sales and improved customer journeys.

Don't just employ our skills - become a partner!

Having the right support in building your business is essential.

We take a collaborative approach to development; combining our experience in design, development, storytelling, and customer journey planning with your brand expertise to generate powerful strategic solutions. 

From Strategy to Activation

Shopify Strategy


We work with you to discover what are your bottlenecks that are stopping you to improve your Shopify store sales

Shopify Template Design


Creating the right system architecture is key in defining how your Shopify store will run smoothly and fast

Activation Shopify


Designing, Developing, installing and Shopify maintenance are just part of the successful services we provide

Design / Development


Over the years we have worked with a range of amazing partners, here are just a few. 

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