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Digital Innovations

Building one success at a time

Creativity and Digital Innovations

I was born in London and gained my design degree at UCA (University of the Creative Arts), I likes fresh ideas and love being inspired, I'm constantly challenging myself and am motivated in finding solutions to design or marketing problems. I have extensive knowledge in marketing, web design, video, photography and business strategies within social media and am renowned for my entrepreneurial spirit.

The breadth of my expertise has been showcased across the web since 1996. I have built hundreds of websites for a range of top agencies and directly, these websites include: Mercedes Benz,, Porsche, Fidelity Investments, Peugeot, Jaguar, Euro Tunnel, HR Owen, BT, Corgi Gas, Ogilvy, Jupiter Asset Management, Aviva Investors, Canada Life and many more. (the ones in bold are direct clients)

Canada Life calls me their 'The Marketing Geek’ setting me apart from many other web designers/frontend developers. I provide the technical knowhow and help companies move forward with their digital marketing, website projects in the most effective understandable manner.

Specialisms include data visualisation, site design, interactive development, content strategy and web architecure. I am experienced in developing for desktop and mobile platforms. Despite being predominantly digital design focused, I have used my marketing skills to assist in the building marketing and creative departments.

Please feel free in contacting me to discuss how I can do the same for you.






  • Customer Engagement

    I collaborate with my clients to create dynamic user experiences that help them better communicate, engage and transact with their customers.

  • Creativity and Agility

    By combining creativity and agility with business and technology experience I lead clients through the rapid integration of PC, Tablet and Mobile.

  • Cross Media Strategy

    I believe that the client’s success depends on having a cohesive cross media strategy. My approach focuses on how users interact with your brand across all platforms.

  • Powerful Network

    In addition to my core skills, I can expand my team as necessary using my powerful network.

  • Strategic Thinking

    I provided brand strategy, brand architecture, identity and user interface for the new workbook website.

  • User Experience

    Identifying and putting the user’s needs first allows me to design experiences that are more engaging, pleasurable and usable.


Mark Hebblewhite, born in London, he likes ideas and loves inspiration; he is constantly challenging himself and is motivated in finding solutions to problems. He has extensive knowledge in marketing, design, video, photography and business strategies within social media and is renowned for his entrepreneurial spirit.

He gained his degree at UCA (University of the Creative Arts), thereafter he started his career in the early 90s working with the fashion house Courtaulds – analysing global trends and interpreting them into designs which were sold to clients such as: Top Shop, Miss Selfridges and Dorothy Perkins; his services had also been utilised by Vivien Westward, Helen Storey and Arbela Pollen. He also worked part-time as a music photographic journalist; his photographs have been published across national and international press.

In 1996, he was inspired by the then new technology called: ‘The Internet’ and proceeded in teaching himself web design. This lead to a change in his career and started working as a teacher at a London training college, where he became the originator of the first web design course in the UK, which later became part of the UK’s national curriculum.

In 1998, he moved to a spread of design agencies: MotorTrak, 1eEurope and also ran his own agency for five years. He worked across a range of integrated accounts including: Mercedes Benz,, Porsche, Fidelity Investments, Peugeot, Jaguar, Euro Tunnel, HR Owen, BT, Corgi Gas, Ogilvy, Jupiter Asset Management and Aviva Investors, where he headed-up the digital team. Mark has now branched out as a freelancer, gaining clients such as Canada Life, YMCA and Covent Garden.

Offered Services

Mark now works as a freelancer/consultant offering digital design/marketing in the following:

  • Front end web design and architecture
  • Social media campaign management
  • Email marketing
  • Corporate video creation and editing
  • Corporate photography
  • Lecturing (creativity & social media)



Effective use of Social media, SEO, email marketing, e-marketing and marketing trends

Web Design

HTML+, CSS, JavaScript, Umbraco, Websphere, Stellent, PHP, MySQL, MCMS, Interwoven Teamsite, Watchfire, WebTrends Reporting, Sunbelt, Google analytics, Magento, Drupal Installation, Umbraco


Photography, Lighting, Video, Adobe Audition, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CD-Rom production, ProCoder, Media Cleaner, Cameraman, Typing speed 56wpm