Social Media

Building one success at a time

Bringing it all Together

The more content we produce and the more active we are on our embassies, the better we will be able to dominate our online brand, this works on the follow four tiers.

  • Brand Reputation
  • Company Awareness
  • Search Engine Optimisation and social media
  • Directing Traffic

This more content they produce and the more active they are doing, gives them a way of dominating our online brand. That includes any negative information about our company – affecting our brand reputation. Let’s take a look at each individual tier to gain a deeper understanding on how this works.

Brand Reputation

People very seldom shout about good news; however, when it comes to bad news or complaints the internet has become the ideal platform for this. People will go onto forums, social media sites and start complaining to gain affinity from other people with similar complaints. This can escalate the brand name across search engines, pushing our negative brand name higher up on the search engine rankings. For Canada Life this isn’t the biggest issue – due to the commonality of our name; however, this is something we have to continuously monitor. To monitor this, we need to create a list of key phrases that people may use, for example: ‘Canada Life is terrible, angry at Canada Life’, this list should also use regular phrased profanity. Our Customer Service Team creates weekly keyword reports from their Case Activity Tracker (CAT) tool; this report examines CAT for negative keywords, even though you will find that generally a direct complaint would be considerably more polite than a non-direct complaint, this task gives us a great starting point for creating keyword monitoring phrases.

As soon as a phrase has been found to have been used online, we should interact with that complaint as fast as possible; following the ‘Community Engagement and Monitoring’ process mentioned earlier in this document.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation is very much a subject of its own; however, it’s not exclusively aimed at the work we do on our own websites, there are many factors to take into consideration. Social media definitely plays its own part within the process. Any links aimed at our website from external sites will work as an improver for search engine ranking, this gives us an opportunity to start including our links on our embassies and earned sites (see digital properties).

Direct Traffic

Every site we visit

Company Awareness


Measuring ROI

From the outset it is very important to have customer journeys in mind. Each customer journey will have its own unique strategy, this will enable us to aim for a greater understanding of what we want to achieve. For example: if we wanted to find potential clients, we could run specifically aimed social ads, which will direct the users to one of our social platforms and not simply to our website, this will provide us with a greater opportunity to engage with these potential clients.