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Handling Corporate Governance (Financial Companies)

How can a financial company still take advantage of social media, given the corporate governance guidelines for our industry?

  1. ) Identify the constraints they have to work in.
    a) Create a process that includes those constraints which have been identified.
  2. ) Best way to deal with this is at the campaign planning stage.
    a) Adding in the delivery process, pre approved content that can allow the campaign to be more reactive to engagement. After a time, you will start collecting pre approved images and content that will help you achieve this, giving you the flexibility to post the best content for that moment.

A good social strategy starts with content and messaging. You will need to engage with your audience about what they care about. For example:

  • Do I have to buy an annuity?
  • Do I have to be locked into an annuity?
  • Am I too young to get an annuity?
  • Are annuities good value?
  • Is there anything I could do to reduce my inheritance tax bill?

Finding a way to provide relevant content that is engaging and not just talking about our product is what social media is all about. The content examples are typical generic questions, the questions and articles can be pre approved, complying with any corporate governance guidelines.

As this process follows a pre approval content method, using a Content Relationship Managment (CRM) system would be highly beneficial.