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How should brands combine content with paid social advertising

Should we be doing sponsored stories, promoting posts, when should I send paid traffic to a posting?

  • It can be a big mistake focussing too much on one of two unbalanced strategies. On one hand they assume they can buy themselves into a news feed, whether that content would have actually resonated with that audience or not. In other words they are just checking a box; they are just pushing out content to push out content. Some believe that just because they have a giant following, that they should not have to pay to reach them; however, with Facebook reporting only a 12% to 16% reach for a typical brand message to filter onto a fans news feed, a free message strategy doesn’t work anymore. Now you need to pay to reach the audience you used to be able to for free. It’s all about balance, you should pay to promote, when a piece of content or post is really hitting the mark with your audience.

  • You have to start with concrete goals and objectives before you launch your campaign, in order to decide or construct the most effective paid strategy. If your goal is to maximise campaign visibility, then run ad’s to the campaign landing page or post, making sure advertising units are optimised to drive traffic to these; however, if your campaign is more focused on lead generation over engagement, then optimise your adverts for this.

  • We know that planning is key in creating a campaign, and as social reactions can be vastly different from each campaign, adding a paid contingency within your budget at the very beginning will assist you for any eventualities. If you don’t include this contingency and an event happens that needs a quick response without this financial autonomy you can miss great opportunities.

Which way to engagement?

  • Tackle what our community want to talk about
  • Ask simple closed questions
  • Calls to action
  • Treat our community like they are VIPs – exclusive content
  • Invite one on one interactions
  • Take our relationship to the next level
    Solicit our followers to engage
  • Humanise our brand
    Exclusive behind the scenes look at our brand
  • Promote messages with paid media