Social Media

Building one success at a time

Moving Forward

Social media is very much like building a brand, you start internally creating a socially aware company, this is done through education and thought leadership; most employees are proud of their brand, and as such, we need them to feel equally proud of our social networks.

At present you maybe unable to harness the full power of social media; however, we can use this time to build a stronger foundation, which will make our future steps flow considerably smoother.

I will break this down into four basic points and use one team as our example.

Sales Team
  • Team Presentation
    Reason for using social media

  • Education step one
    How to use social media and harness the power of deepening our client relationships, gaining client acquisitions and promoting events

  • Assisting team leaders
    Help team leaders to develop their profiles and networks, allowing them to demonstrate thought leadership to their team members

  • Education step two
    Using social as a learning research tool

Whilst the sales teams are going through the above process, marketing can take the opportunity to do the following points:

  • Become more proactive within the social media forum

  • Deepen our listening and learning

  • Organise and tidy our embassies

  • Push our SM plans across the teams


Once the moving forward has taken hold, a fully loaded social media strategy roadmap should be followed.