Social Media

Building one success at a time

Social Media Roadmap

This roadmap provides us with a starter strategy, outlining the preparation that is required down to the test case campaign. Once we have produced a ‘what have we learnt’ document, the roadmap will be greatly simplified:

Select Project > Choose SM channels > Devise Campaign > Start Campaign > Research data > Results

Social Media Roadmap

Social Media Roadmap Breakdown

Initiate research
Audit the existing online landscape and determine:

  • What are our competitors doing?
  • Where is our audience?
  • What are they doing?
  • Who is our audience

Research results

  • Create results of initial research
  • Examine positive growth of embassies
  • Managing online relationships

Senior buy-in
Create a vision/statement of intent for social media (presentation)

  • Initial research
  • Reasons why
  • Handling issues
  • Training on best practices
  • How it works (basic principles)

Content style guidelines

  • Review a subset of existing content
  • Determine how this could apply online (what changes are necessary?)
  • Produce a content style guide (needs to cover consistency in tone, style and language)
Create a LinkedIn plan for company employee pages and corporate pages

The big tidy up

  • Audit of existing embassies
  • Perform the hygiene activity

Internal LinkedIn education plan including:

  • Training
  • Best practices online
  • LinkedIn profile template and how to develop network

Test case

  • Determine a key campaign which can be used as a test case
  • Tell the company story differently

Choose SM Channel

  • Devise campaign
  • Start campaign

Research Test Data
Analysing the results of the campaign is one of the best ways to improve on our future campaign results.

What have we learnt
There will be a commonality to each campaign, by having a ‘what we have learnt’ document, will assist us greatly in future campaigns.