Social Media

Building one success at a time

The Digital World

We see the digital world as having three main interlocking spheres, each of which has a role to play in bringing our organisation into a visible social digital world.

  1. Owned
    Our corporate website and other owned digital properties are great for meeting the information and engagement needs of those who have deliberately sought us out or have already engaged with us. It’s likely that searches for our brand name will be highly visible in search results; however, beyond that – searches for very specific pieces of content, we will be less visible.

  2. Social
    Social media enables people to connect to each other, allowing them to discuss all manner of topics, most of them irrelevant to our business messaging needs; however, this occasionally aligns with our communication and other business objectives. The currency of social media is shareable content.

  3. Embassies
    In between Social and Owned are Embassies, spaces in social media that, whilst we don’t own the platforms, we do exercise some control over. For example, corporate LinkedIn or Facebook pages. Embassies provide us with the opportunity to repurpose and share our content in formats and spaces where it can be shareable. Each time our content is shared, an ecosystem of links are aimed back to our ‘owned’, a further digital presence is created. Each link contributes to our search relevance on a range of natural language search strings.

By taking content and engagement opportunities out of social media, we have the opportunity to parachute our business into existing conversations, and become more visible to those audiences on the digital properties they choose to use rather than requiring them to make deliberate actions to seek us out specifically online. There is another benefit – implementing a social media strategy will also raise our visibility for audiences using search engines.

The Social Marketing Flower
This image represents the digital properties and the area where we need to be the most engaged.

Even though ‘Paid’ is not classified within the digital world, it still have relevancy when charting out our worlds.

Digital Properties

There are many different digital properties, below is a guide in where they fit within our digital world. As technology and trends are consistently changing, we need to take an agile approach in the way we develop these relationships.

Digital Properties