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Don’t Just Do It – The Four Standard Mistakes

Because digital is still relatively new, you can see many companies making mistakes; those listed below are pretty standard misconceptions.

Being able to engage is very different than being innovative over your engagement, every step has to be precisely planned and thought through. As I stated the 'Handling Corporate Governance' article, ‘We need to engage with our audience about what they care about’.

  1. Shouting about our products and not bothering to engage
    Many companies take this approach, ignoring any social guidance that they may have had. Even though you cannot see your audience, there are living people at the other end and not just automated robots. I suppose you could say that there are similarities between your local pub and your twitter account, you would never go into your local and engage with the other customers, simply talking about where you work and what products we sell. In the end you will be standing on your own. This is the same with social media.

  2. Being social without thinking beyond that
    Social media is a big enough job; however, without being selective on your social platforms, the job can get bigger: Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Google +, Hi5 and various other social networking sites. There is really no point hitting every social platform out there, if you companies demographics are not suitable, it’s simply – don’t waste valuable time trying to engage on that platform.

  3. ‘Made in China’ – Replicating other company’s campaigns as theirs worked
    Looking across the social media platforms, you can see some pretty awesome viral campaigns that have been released, these campaigns have been thoroughly thought through, they have defined a strong process for this specific task. Replicating the campaign and not knowing their process is a sure way to fail. Our audiences are considerably more sophisticated, and will know when you try to replicate a successful campaign.

  4. The one off campaign strategies
    Congratulations, you have designed a campaign which has turned out to be very successful; however, nothing has been put in place for after the campaign launch. We always need to provide our audience with the opportunity to share the campaign; this is generally known as ‘earned media’. But, because the onus had been put onto the single campaign, we have potentially lost a large amount of free impressions, as well as valuable product feedback.

    You decide to hold a competition, the competition is very successful and have a winner, this is not where the campaign finishes, we have already gauged that the people who entered the competition are interested in a specific service we are offering, this gives us an opportunity to remarket to those users, which prompts them to submit feedback on our service.

    Single campaigns can assist in loosing followers, keep your audience engaged.

Good social marketing requires you to constantly evaluate, iterate and innovate. If you are running a campaign that isn’t doing particularly well, don’t just stop there, monitor the campaign and make sure you are maximising visibility. Going back to the competition idea in point 4: you are seeing a high conversion rate and people are entering your competition; however, the viral growth is very low and the campaign is not earning any earned media (likes, comments and shares), recognising this as an issue is key, figure out how to give people the option to share your brands content or give them more engaging content. Maybe consider adding more than just a ‘Thank You’ page after they enter – give them an area where they can share your content.