Social Media

Building one success at a time

Introduction to Social Media Strategy

As you are now starting to examine the integration of social media within your marketing activities, it’s imperative that you understand the importance of how you build a strong plan of action.

Social Media is about building relationships and directing/developing your conversations across varying online mediums. Social media should not be classified as: viral campaigning or a standalone project; you need to take a very methodical yet agile approach, joining social media into your marketing campaigns.

The core of this strategy is to help you in understanding the key areas that are required to give you a strong foundation in building a digital presence. There is a difference in what we do within the social world and what the customer does. The goals of a digital marketing team are to educate, inform and even entertain customers or prospects; this is done by creating ‘attention’ or causing ‘behavioural’ actions that can have an upshot on leads, sales or advocacy. These communications are often less structured and can be reactive, especially as social media is increasingly being used as a customer support channel. Whilst the customers use of social media is ‘participation’, then ‘behaviour’. For us to succeed – we need to understand ‘participation’ and ‘behaviour’ patterns.

Social media has become ingrained in our lives and as such many people will have strong views on the subject, from the negative to the positive. Understanding social media via up to date research will greatly assist in getting buy in from senior executives. With the right research and strategy you will be able to select the correct social media platforms, aiming your message at your specific target audience.